Writing article is quite a creative task.

Where to begin? There are three ways you could start your article:

Ask the reader a question

This is an easy way to get the reader’s attention and get them engaged without a whole lot of effort on your part.

  • Rhetorical questions:
    • Have you ever…?
    • Do you ever wonder…?
    • What do you think about…?
    • Are you a… like me?
    • Are you one of those people who…?
    • What would you say if I told you that…?

Tell a story

The brain also lights up when it encounters a story.

Use a shocking quote

Another great way to start your article is to use an attention-grabbing quote.

Let’s say you are writing an article on world travel. A great way to introduce the article would be with the quote from Helen Keller:

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Have something unique to say

Okay, so you’ve crafted an excellent first sentence, and you have your reader’s interest.
Now what?
Now, you have to hold that interest by having something interesting and uncommon to say.
Very few people take the time and energy to regularly produce new, thought-provoking content. If you do, you’ll set yourself apart from the herd in a big way.

  • Introducing new ideas:
    • Firstly,
    • First,
    • In the rst place,
    • To begin with,
    • The coolest thing about 
    • What attracts me most 
    • One thing to consider is
    • Another consideration is
    • Secondly,
    • As for
    • As to
    • Also, 
    • As regards
    • In addition,
    • In addition to that,
    • Moreover,
  • Concluding the article:
    • In conclusion,
    • On the whole,
    • To sum up,
    • To conclude,
    • All in all, 
    • … you will not regret it!

Good luck!