VOCABULARY 49: Ways to say “comfortable”.

VOCABULARY 49: Ways to say “comfortable”.

What adjectives come to your mind when you look at this picture?

In a typical exam task of describing a picture you are expected to demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary, and synonims are your best friends in that.

The word of todays is : COMFORTABLE. Be careful whith pronunciation. Put stress on the first syllable, and supress all the rest vowels to short “e”.

comfortable” /ˈkʌm.fə.tə.bəl/ (Credit https://dictionary.cambridge.org/thesaurus/articles/comfortable)

  • Comfortable furniture and clothes provide a pleasant feeling and do not give you any physical problems. Comfortable is also used about rooms, homes, and other accommodation.
  • The opposite of comfortable is uncomfortable.

Airline seats can be uncomfortable.

Here comes the list of synonims.

  • Comfy is a more informal word for comfortable.

There are two big comfy sofas in the lounge.

  • cosy room is warm and comfortable, and usually quite small. Cosy clothes are comfortable because they are made of warm, soft material. This is the UK English spelling; in US English it is spelled cozy.

UK The living room is warm and cosy.

  • A place that is snug makes you feel warm, comfortable, and protected.

She longed to be home in her snug little cottage.

  • A place that is homely in UK English, or homey in US English, is plain or ordinary but comfortable, like your home.

UK The aim is to create practical, homely interiors rather than statement designs.

US The homey atmosphere is just perfect for lively conversation.

  • A place that is luxurious is comfortable and expensive.

It is one of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

How does it feel now?