VOCABULARY 48: Proof of the pudding and many more…

VOCABULARY 48: Proof of the pudding and many more…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our readers!

We hope, you are having a great time, enjoying wonderful weather, staying with your family and friends and doing loads of different leisure activities. And thats is what holidays are for, “tis the season to be jolly“, time to “eat, drink and be merry”.

So, to tune in, we have brought a bunch of Christmas idioms you can also use in your everyday life. They are witty, precise, and.. classical.

N 1.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating.

This idiom means that the success of something can only be judged by testing or using it.

N 2.

Like turkeys voting for Christmas

This idiom is used when someone accepts a situation that will have a bad outcome for them. Turkeys are usually eaten for Christmas and if you think about it, turkeys wouldn’t be voting for Christmas in the first place because of this.  

N 3.

Lit up like a Christmas tree

If someone is lit up like a Christmas tree, it means they are overly dressed. Just like Christmas trees which are usually bright, sparkly and full of decorative items. Although this idiom makes reference to the Christmas season, it can be used at any time. You can also say ‘done up like a Christmas tree’.

N 4.

Good things come in small packages

Christmas is a time where people exchange a lot of gifts or packages, big and small. This idiom says that we should not judge a package by its size. The size of something does not indicate its value. Just because a package is small, it doesn’t mean it’s not good or the best.

So, which one is YOUR favourite of all the times?