VOCABULARY 47: Social media slang and reductions

VOCABULARY 47: Social media slang and reductions

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Today´s post is about SPEAKING. Language is constantly changing, and here are some examples of new word meanings that you can bump into surfing social networks and Internet.

Social Media Slang

Social media has had a big impact on language, and you do need to be aware of the popular slang words to be relevant, here are some to get you started

  • Lit: something exciting, great, or enjoyable. 

The party was lit, bro.

  • Salty: to get upset or angry

He was very salty after losing the match,

  • To flex: to show off

“Hey, I got some buds today”.  “Nice flex!”

  • Sic. Sick / Insane / Dope: cool or awesome

That car is sick.

  • IDK: I don’t know 
  • IDC: I don’t care


Native speakers use reductions in spoken English. Words are blended and reduced and are tricky for non-natives to understand. Practicing with reductions will help with the natural flow of your speech. 

  • Whadaya mean? (What do you mean?)
  • Donno (do not know) : I dunno 
  • Gonna (going  to) : I am gonna be late
  • Wanna (want  to):  I don’t wanna stay here
  • Kinda (kind  of): I am kinda tired.
  • ’Cuz  (because)
  • Can’tcha (can’t you)
  • Shoulda (should  have) / coulda (could have): I shoulda studied harder. I coulda done better.

Credit: https://www.krisamerikos.com/blog/how-to-sound-like-a-native-speaker