VOCABULARY 45: Some Common Abbreviations

VOCABULARY 45: Some Common Abbreviations

¡Hola! TGIF! (Thanks God it´s Friday)

Have you ever met some of these abbreviations and were wondering about their meaning?

Well, in this post we´ll cover the most common ones:

🍭ASAP – as soon as possible

🍭YOLO – you only live once

🍭OMG – oh my God!

🍭AKA – also know as

🍭 RIP – rest in peace

🍭 FYI – for your information

🍭 AWOL – absent without leave (somebody has temporarily gone missing)

🍭 FOMO – fear of missing out (when you feel that everyone else is having a better time of it than you have)

🍭 LOL – laughing out loud

🍭 BTW – by the way

🍭 AC- after Christ (new era)

🍭 BC – before Christ (old era)

Which were new for you?