VOCABULARY 28: Street vocabulary and idioms

VOCABULARY 28: Street vocabulary and idioms

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

It’s a beautiful day outside, and today we will discover some vocabulary about the street.

First of all, some things you can see in the street

lamp post- poste de luz
a flower-pot – maceta
a pavement (or a sidewalk) – acera
a window-shop – escaparate
flowerbed – macizo de flores
a bench – banco (para sentarse)
a pedestrian street – calle peatonal

We also have prepared several idioms for advanced learners, and here they are:

Street people – personas sin techo
Man in the street – hombre común, no experto en el tópico
Easy street – sin apuros
Two-way street – responsabilidad compartida

We hope, you’ve enjoyed it. Have a good weekend and don’t forget to go for a walk!