VOCABULARY 24: Home idioms

VOCABULARY 24: Home idioms

Home, sweet home!

Hello, everyone! Today we are going to speak about home as well as idioms and expressions connected to it.

You might have heard or seen the very popular expression “home, sweet home”, it is originally English and just shows the importance of home to English people.

There is no place like home,

say English people, but they also say

Home away from house

to refer to a place which is as pleasant and comfortable as your own home

To get on like a house on fire

Get on very well with someone.
“We get on like a house on fire with my cousine Julie.”

A household name/word

Something/someone everyone knows.
“Nike has become a household name”

On the house

Free of charge
“The restaurant owner offered us coffee on the house”

Home truths

Information that is true but not pleasant or welcome
“He was told some home truths about the way he´s been behaving”

Nothing to write home about

Nothing special
“The town is OK,butnoting to write home about”

Make yourself at home

Make yourself feel comfortable in someone else´s home
“Please, just make yourself at home while I get dinner ready”