Vocabulary 20: Bee idioms (meaning and examples)

Vocabulary 20: Bee idioms (meaning and examples)

Hello there!

Are you really busy these days, trying to meet all these end-of-the-year deadlines? In this case, we could use the idiom “busy as a bee” to describe your state.

Busy as a bee

To be really busy.
Example: I have been trying to take her for a walk, but she looks busy as a bee.

If you really like something o somebody, you can call them “bee´s knees”. That idiom means “wonderful, fantastic”. Why that? We don´t know. But there is a theory that as bees carry pollen in nests on their legs, and pollen is concentrated goodness, then you can make such a parallel.

To be bee´s knees

Used to describe something great, wonderfull, of best quality.
Example: Try this chocolate, it’s bee’s knees, it really is.
Do you like my new shoes? They are bee’s knees.

Another expression to describe “a pain in the neck” is “to have a bee in your bonnet”. Bonnet is an old-fashioned cap, like this one –

Imagine you have a bee in it, buzzing and buzzing and keeping you attention constantly. That is similar to what happens to you when you are preoccupied with some issue.

To have a bee in your bonnet

To have an obsession with something, to be preoccupied.
Example: The readers of this blog know that I have a bee in my bonnet about helping people improve their English.