Hello everybody and welcome to our blog! St Valentine´s Day is coming and that´s why we´re going to talk about love. OH! LOVE! What a beautiful feeling! When you´re in love with someone you´re always thinking of him/ her. Oh, what a wonderful mouth! What a beautiful nose! Yes, if you meet your significant other, you´ll seem like a crazy person. You won´t be able to concentrate on anything. That´s love. But, do you know how to write a love message? If not, you must read this post. Go on!


Everybody wants to meet their significant other but they don´t know the consequences. If you meet your soul mate, surprise! You must buy him/ her a present for Christmas, another present for his birthday, another present for your anniversary and yes, another present for St Valentine´s Day!

But let´s go to the point, are you able to write a Valentine message to declare your love or simply to remind your partner that you love him/her? Here you have some ideas.


(If you want to declare your love to someone)

-You must tell him /her what you felt when you first met.

-You must say what you love about him/ her (it´s a good idea to make a list of compliments)

-You can write him / her a poem or a romantic short story (or even lyrics to a special song).

-If you can draw, draw a romantic scene or a rose.

-Finally, you should make an invitation to a romantic date night.


(If you want to remind your partner that you love him / her)

-Make a list of relationship goals you have accomplished (and share what you love about or relationship in the past and present).

-Say why you´re proud of him / her.

-Write about your dreams for your future together.

-Write the lyrics to your favourite song.

-Tell him / her how positively different your life is now that you have each other.

-Relive your wedding day (or any other special day).


-I love you for being my partner and my friend.

-I love you for the way you help all my dreams come true.

-I love you for all you are and what you are.

-You are truly the one for me.

-You mean the world to me.

-You are my everything.

-I want to grow old with you.

-I adore you.

-You are my other half.

-You stole my heart.

-I need you by my side.

-You are my happiness.

-I want a lifetime with you.

-You fill my heart.

-I am a better person because of you.

And that’s all for today. Are you able to write a Valentine message now? If so, leave us a comment, and, as always, thanks for visiting our blog!