WRITING 9: New Year´s resolutions

WRITING 9: New Year´s resolutions

Good morning everyone and welcome to our blog one more time! At the start of each year a lot of people in the world make a list of goals they want to achieve in the next twelve months. Some of them are reachable but others aren´t. It depends on how realistic they are. The point is that New Year´s resolution is a tradition. If you want to know more about it and make your own list of purposes, you must read this post. Go on!

New Year´s resolution is a tradition in all over the world, but especially in the first world. It consists in making a list of purposes (‘resolutions’) for the new year. It is assumed that thanks to these purposes your life will change for the better.

It can seem something new, but it isn´t. The Romans used to make promises to the god Janus every JANUARY. That´s why January is called January. It´s curious, isn´t it?

Now, imagine that you have to write your new year´s resolutions for your English clases and you don´t know what to write. Do you want some inspiration? What are the most common good resolutions for the year? Here you have some of them.


1) Join the gym (and do more exercise, in general).

2) Read more books (or at least, read ONE book).

3) Eat healthy food and lose weight.

4) Save money (to buy something that you need).

5) Quit smoking.

6) Spend more time with your partner / family / friends /dog.

7) Retake a hobby that you liked (painting, sewing…)

8) Travel more and know new places.

9) Write a book.

10) Move up at work.

11) Learn to cook.

12) Paint the house / Redecorate the house.

13) Visit the psychologist.

14) Do something that you fear.

15) Make new friends.

16) Find a partner.

17) Make peace with an old friend.

18) Watch less television.

19) Spend less time consulting social networks.

20) Try new dishes.


1) Write down your goals. It forces you to make decisions.

2) Start with small goals.

3) Be specific and clear (try to set measurable purposes, e.g. I will go to the gym three times a week, I will lose 10 kilos.

4) Share your goals with your family and friends. That way you won´t ignore them.

5) Set priorities (order your goals from more to less important).

And that’s all for today. Are you able to write your New Year´s resolutions now? If so, leave us a comment, and, as always, thanks for visiting our blog!