Hello everybody and welcome to our blog! Would you like to have an e-pal? That is, a virtual close friend. Would you be interested in contacting a foreigner? Maybe you could practise your English and make new friends. Would you be able to write an email with information about yourself to a new e-pal? If not, you must read this post. Go ahead!

To start this post with, what´s an email? According to Wordreference (one of our favourite dictionaries) an email is ‘a message sent by electronic mail’. In the past people used to write letters to their ‘pen-pals’ but nowadays they contact their ‘e-pals’ by email. And letters and emails are quite different!

When writing an email you have to follow some basic rules. For example, abbreviations are commonly used (even in FORMAL emails).

Go on and discover more rules!


1)Punctuatuon rules in emails are different from those in letters. (E.g. commas are often omitted or used to join sentences. Exclamation marks are common in informal emails).

2)It is possible to miss out pronouns and other words at the beginnings of sentences.

3)Salutations (e.g. Dear Sarah) and endings (e.g. Best wishes) are not always necessary. To begin an informal email you can say just Hi. To finish you can use That´s all for now, Bye for now!, Write back soon!, All the best! or simply, Bye!

4) You can use contractions like I’m or I’ve.

5) You can use emoticons 🙂 😉 🙁

6) You can use the word Anyway to change the subject.

7)Spelling mistakes and typos (typing errors) are not acceptable. You must check for spelling mistakes.

8) You can use emails abbreviations.

  • As soon as possible: asap.
  • Please: pls.
  • Meeting: mtg.
  • Regards: rgds.
  • By the way: BTW.
  • To be confirmed: TBC.
  • For your information: FYI.
  • Monday: Mon / Tuesday: Tues / Wednesday: Weds / Thursday: Thurs / Friday: Fri / Saturday: Sat /Sunday: Sun.
  • Evening: eve.
  • Best wishes: BW.
  • Regarding: re.
  • All the best: ATB.



To contact an e-pal you must write an email about YOURSELF. You have to give your e-pal the following information.

-Paragraph one: basic personal information (e.g. I´m Juan. I´m from Granada in Spain. Let me tell you about myself…)

-Paragraph two: information about your family.

(e.g. I´m from a big family. I´ve got two sisters and a brother. The´re younger than me. My mother is a doctor. My father is a teacher…)

-Paragraph three: information about your main hobby or interest.

(e.g. I love reading. My favourite author is J.R.R Tolkien. Have you read The lord of the rings?)

-Paragraph four: information about your school / university / job…

(e.g. English is my favourite subject at high school…)

-Paragraph 5: asking for a reply.

(e.g. If you want to practise your English/Spanish and make new friends, write to me. / Write back soon if you´d like to be my e-pal.)


-Sounds great.

-We have a lot in common…

-Do you like…?

-Here´s a copy of…

-Attached is/are… /I attach… / Please find attached…  (a photo)

-Can / could  you possibly try resending it?

-Please, get back to me asap if there are any queries.

-Do you think you could send me…?

-Cheers /Lots of love.

And that’s all for today. Are you able to write an informal email now? If so, leave us a comment, and, as always, thanks for visiting our blog!/p>