Hello everyone! It´s July and probably you´re on holidays. Maybe you´re going to go to another city or even, another country (a foreign one) to do sightseeing, rest and enjoy. Are you able to express your ideas in English? What vocabulary do you know about summer? Imagine you´re on the beach, what kind of items do you carry? Go on and read this post.

Let´s start the post with a basic level of English. Look at the following words and phrases and try to translate them into Spanish (COVER THE TRANSLATION!). If you succeed, go on and level up.



-Sun lotion / sunscreen / sun cream. (Loción, crema sola)

-Sunshade / beach umbrella. (Sombrilla)

-Sunglasses. (Gafas de sol)

-Mask. (Máscara de buceo /snorkel)

-Snorkel. (Tubo para respirar)

-Hat /cap / Straw hat. (Sombrero / Gorra /Sombrero de paja)

-Flip-flops / Sandals. (Chanclas / Sandalias)

-Beach Ball. (Pelota de playa)

-Rubber ring / float. (Flotador)

-Water wings / arm bands. (Manguitos)

-Bag /tote bag. (Bolso /Bolso de mano)

-Bucket, shovel and sand toys. (Cubo, pala y juguetes de playa)

-Deck chair. (Tumbona)

-Sandcastle. (Castillo de arena)

-Canoe. (Canoa)

-Goggles. (Gafas de natación)

-Kite. (Cometa)

-Grill. (Parrilla)

-Pool / Swimming pool. (Piscina)

-Wave. (Ola)

-Shorts / wetsuit / swimsuit / bikini. (Pantalones cortos / traje de neopreno o buzo / traje de baño / bikini)

-Lemonade /coconut. (Limonada / coco)

-Sleeping bag. (Saco de dormir)

-Tent. (Tienda de campaña)

-Bonfire. (Hoguera)

-Frisbee. (Disco volador)

-Life jacket. (Chaleco salvavidas)

-Heat wave. (Ola de calor)

-Sunset (Puesta de sol)


-Barefoot. (Descalzo)

-Sun tanning (bronceado)

-Amazing. (Asombroso)

-Magnificient. (Magnífico)


-To camp. (Acampar)

-Fishing. (Pescar)

-To catch fireflies. (Cazar luciérnagas)

-To cool off. (Refrescarse)

-To sunburn. (Broncearse, tostarse al sol)

-To sunbathe. (Tomar el sol)

-To take a bath. (Tomar un baño)



-Landmarks. (Puntos de referencia, lugares emblemáticos)

-Tourist attraction. (Atracción turística)

-Guidebook. (Guía)

-Luggage. (Equipaje)

-Passport. (Pasaporte)

-Souvenir. (Recuerdo)

-Package holiday. (Oferta de vacaciones)

-Travel agency. (Agencia de viajes)

-Trip / excursion. (Excursión)


-To book tickets online. (Reservar las entradas por internet)

-To go on excursions. (Ir de excursión)

-To sail from… to… (Navegar desde… hasta…)

-To travel by… (car, plane…) (Viajar en coche, avión…)

-To stay in hotels. (Hospedarse en hoteles)

-To travel around the world. (Viajar alrededor del mundo).

-To ride a bike. (Montar en bici)

Means of transport

-Bike. (Bicicleta)

-Boat. (Bote, barco)

-Underground. (Metro)

-Car. (Coche)

-Coach. (Autocar)

-Helicopter. (Helicóptero)

-Lorry. (Camión)

-Moped. (Ciclomotor) Until 45 km/h.

-Motorbike. (Moto)

-Plane. (Avión)

-Ship. (Barco)

-Taxi. (Taxi)

-Train. (Tren)

-Tram. (Tranvía)

-Van. (Furgoneta)

Expressions to use to talk about your holidays

-We went to… by… with…

-It took… (ten minutes, two hours, a day) to get there.

-We stayed at… (the Melia Hotel, a hostel, a campsite, a bed and breakfast)

-We went to… (the city centre, the beach…)

-We did some sightseeing / We went sightseeing.

– We saw (a church, a monument, a bridge, a tower)

-We bought (souvenirs, a T-shirt, a guidebook)

-We ate (typical food)

-It was brilliant /spectacular / great / amazing / delicious.

-We had a great time / We enjoyed a lot / We loved it.



An idiom is ‘an expression or phrase that does not follow regular rules of grammar, or one whose meaning cannot be predicted from the meaning of its individual parts’ (according to WordReference). It is advisable to use these expressions in high levels of English.

-When in Rome, do as the Romans do. (Donde fueres, haz lo que vieres)

-To be on cloud nine. (Estar en el séptimo cielo)

-It´s better late than never. (Más vale tarde que nunca)

-It´s a small world! (El mundo es un pañuelo)

-Home, sweet home. (Hogar, dulce hogar)

-To put your foot in it. (Meter la pata)

-To be run out of time. (Quedarse sin tiempo)

-To get something cheap and cheerful. (Conseguir algo bueno, bonito y barato)

-To feel like a fish out of water. (Sentirse como pez fuera del agua)

-To drink like a fish. (Beber mucho)

-To have butterflies in (your) stomach. (Estar nervioso por la emoción)

-To feel happy in your own skin. (Sentirse feliz consigo mismo)

-On the spur of the moment. (Por impulso, sin pensarlo)

-A home from home. (Como en casa)

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