Good morning everybody! This Wednesday we have some writing tips (B2 or even C1 level). Are you able to write your autobiography?How many time expressions do you know? Do you know how to describe your family and education? Can you give details of significant events and periods? If not, you must read this post. Here you´re going to find useful vocabulary and some advices to write the perfect autobiography. Go on!




First of all, you can draw a line to represent your life, form birth to the present and note on the line any significant events or turning points (e.g. starting school, starting university, moving home, the start or end of an important relationship, the start or the end of a new job or activity and so on). You can continue the line into the future with plans, hopes or predictions about your life.

Secondly, remember to organize your writing into clear paragraphs (normally three or four paragraphs). You  should start talking about your birth (e.g. I was born on May 4th 1991 in…)


When describing your life, you could use the following time expressions.

-To talk about the PAST: In those days, during my childhood, during my adolescence, as a child, four years later, at the age of twelve…

-PRESENT PERFECT: to date, so far, ever since, for the last ten years…

-To talk about the PRESENT: at present, currently, at the moment, now…

-To talk about the FUTURE: next year, in eight months time, some day…


-In retrospect…

-Looking back…

-I remember (my childhood) as a (happy) period…

-After leaving school, I did…

-(…) marked a major turning point for me…

-(…) was the highlight of… (my university days, my school career, my trip…)

-On graduating…

-Since my arrival…

-To cut a long story short… /To sum up…

-My long-term plan is…

-I hope that in (three) years´ time I may have achieve this ambition.


When describing your family you could use the following expressions.

-I am an only child.

-I was the youngest of three brothers / sisters / siblings…

-I was part of a extended family.

-There are (five) people in my family.

-My oldest/eldest sister is…

-I have two brothers/ sisters / siblings…

-I was brought up by my aunt.

-I was educated (= I was taught) by my father.

-When my mother remarried, I gained three half-sisters/brothers (we share the same father or mother) / step-sisters/brothers.

-I had a lenient (few rules) / strict (lot of rules) upbringing.

-We are a close-knit family.

-On the whole, I had a happy childhood.


-To take a gap year.

-To train as a doctor.

-To get a place.

-To go to school.

-To do research.

-To graduate from university.

-To leave school.

-To do a degree.

-To qualify as a teacher.

-To apply for a scholarship.

-To set up a business.

-To win a school prize.

-To work as a plumber.

-To do military service.

-To get married.

-To look after your children.

-To meet your husband.

-To move to London.

-To make friends.



I was born on June 5th 1992 in Cadiz but immediately afterwards I came to Chiclana, where I have been living ever since. Not longer after my birth, my sister Sara was born and a few years later, Alex, so very soon I became the eldest sister of three siblings. If I look back on my childhood I remember it as a happy period, because I enjoyed school life and spent many hours playing with my siblings and my cousins. Fortunately, we are a close-knit family.

At the age of eleven I started high-school, which marked a major turning point for me. On the one hand I developed an interest in English literature. What is more, in my final year I won the high-school prize for the best student in English, which in retrospect, was probably the highlight of my school career. On the other hand, during that time I suffered bullying because some of my classmates thought I was a bookworm.

After leaving high-school I did my degree. I remember university as a hard period but I met my best friends.

On graduating, I worked as a waitress for almost a year and, to cut a long story short, I found it boring and depressing. I realized that job would never make me fullfilled. Luckily, now I am working as an English teacher. I try not to cry over spilt milk. It is better late than never! Maybe in the future I will write a book.


And that’s all for today. Are you able to write an autobiography now? If so, leave us a comment, and, as always, thanks for visiting our blog!