It´s Wednesday and our topic for today is ‘Clothes, fashion and shopping’.  Nowadays fashion starts in the streets, not in the fashion designer office. ‘Street style’ has caught on in a big way and a lot of people follow fashion blogs /Instagram profiles. But, are you able to speak about fashion, shopping and so on in a conversation? And in a speaking exam? If not, you´ll probably have an interest in this post. Here we´re going to show you some useful vocabulary about clothes and shopping. Go on!

Today, going shopping is an enjoyable activity. You can work off stress (even only window shopping) and it´s a way of socialize. But, what can you say about this topic in a conversation? Here you have some useful vocabulary.


ITEMS OF CLOTHING (For example, to describe a photo)

Women´s fashions

A blouse, a dress, a skirt, a sweatshirt, shorts, a blazer, a cardigan, a belt.


A shirt, a tie, a waistcoat, trousers, jeans, a suit.


Sandals, slippers, trainers, heels, boots, flip-flops.

Sport clothes

A running vest, a tracksuit, leggins, a swimsuit.


A dressing-gown, pyjamas, tights, a bra, knickers.


Gloves, a handkerchief, a scarf, a bag, a necklace, earrings, a watch, a bracelet, rings.


*Fit: tight, loose, baggy, close-fitting.

*Style: sleeveless, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, hooded, V-neck, round-neck. / Trendy, stylish, scruffy, smart, old-fashioned, chic, with-it. / Well-dressed, badly-dressed, fashionable.

*Pattern: spotted, plain, striped, checked, patterned.

*Materials: cotton, silk, leather, nylon, linen, Lycra ®, suede, denim, velvet, fur, woollen.


Some examples: a patterned silk scarf, a plain wool scarf, a V-necked cotton T-shirt, a long-sleeved striped shirt…


You can´t speak about fashion without speaking about the way of going shoppping. People buy clothes in many different ways, in department stores, smaller shops or even from catalogues, either by email order or on the Internet. Here you have some places where you can buy things (not only clothes!)

Bakery, bank, bookshop, butcher´s, chemist´s (pharmacy), clothes shop, department store, electrical goods shop, greengrocer´s, jeweller´s, newsagent´s, post office, shoe shop, shopping centre (US mall), sports shop, stationery shop (stationer´s), street market, supermarket, travel agent´s.

Vocabulary related with shops:

Refund: money that is paid back to you when you are unhappy with something you buy.

Customer: a person who buys things in a shop.

Manager: the person who is in charge of a shop, hotel, etc.

Sales: a time when shops sell things at lower prices than usual.

Bargain: something that you buy for what you think is good price.

Shop window: a place at the front of a shop where you can see the products.

Receipt: a piece of paper which shows you have paid for something.

Discount: a reduction in the price.

Shop assistant: a person who works in a shop.



  1. Dress up –> E.g. She´s going to dress up tonight because she´s going to a party.
  2. Hang up –> E.g.  Please, hang up your jacket. Don´t leave it on the chair.
  3. Fit –-> E.g. That shirt don´t fit me. It´s too small.
  4. Suits –> E.g. That dress really suits you. You look great in it.
  5. Match –> E.g. Your hat matches your bag.
  6. Get changed –> E.g. He needs to get changed. He´s just spilt coffee on his T-shirt.
  7. Get undressed –> E.g. Hurry up and get undressed! It´s bath time.
  8. Get dressed –> E.g. Get up and get dressed. You have to go to school.
  9. Buy online –-> E.g. I often buy books online.
  10. Sell –> E.g. This shops sell newspapers.
  11. Buy on credit. –> E.g. I´m going to buy the washing machine on credit. I´m going to pay for it over 16 months.
  12. Complain. –> E.g. I went back to the shop to complain. I went there to tell them I wasn´t happy.
  13. Queue –> E.g. I has to queue for ages in the bank.
  14. Try on –> E.g. I want to try on this dress. I want to see how I look like in it.
  15. Just looking. –> E.g. I’m just looking. I don´t need any help at the moment.
  16. Pay VAT –> E.g.  I had to pay 16% VAT.


a) Dressed to kill –> What a dress! You´re really dressed to kill tonight!

b) Fit like a glove –> That suits fit you like a glove. Did they have it especially made for you?


And that´s all for today. Thanks for visiting our blog! Leave us a comment.