Hello everybody! How are you today? Saint Valentine´s day is coming and so, our topic for this week is ‘personality’, probably one of the most important things when you have a relationship, don´t you think? You know what is said: ‘True beauty is inner beauty’. But, what vocabulary can you use to describe your partner´s personality? Go on, and find out the answer.

To begin with, to describe someone´s personality you have to start answering the following question:

What is he/she like? 

Secondly, you have to remember that you are not describing the physical appearance, but the character, and for that, you have to use especific phrases, adjectives and idioms. You have a long list of them below.


-He/ She is the kind of person who…

-He/She is good at…

-He/ She isn´t very good at…

-He/ She tends to…

-He /She has got…


Affectionate: people who show that they love people very much.

Aggressive: people who get angry quickly and like arguing.

Ambitious: people who want to be succesful in life.

Arrogant: people who think they´re better and more important than other people.

Assertive: people who express their ideas or opinions with confident.

Bad-tempered: people who get angry very easily.

Bossy: people who like giving orders to other people.

Brusque: rude people.

Calm: people who keep their head in a crisis.

Charming: people who have an attractive personality that make people like them.

Cheerful: people who are always in a good mood.

Clever: intelligent people.

Competitive: people who always want to win.

Conscientious: people who take care to do things carefully and correctly.

Cunning: sly people.

Easy-going: people who are fairly relaxed about most things.

Eccentric: people who other people find different or unusual.

Envious: people who always want what other people have.

Extrovert: outgoing, socially confident people.

Funny: people who have a great sense of humour.

Generous: people who are liberal in giving.

Gifted: talented people.

Half-witted: unintelligent people.

Hard-working: diligent people.

Immature: people who behave like a child.

Impolite: discourteous people.

Impulsive: people who act without thinking.

Independent: people who like doing things on their own, without help.

Insecure: people who aren´t very sure about themselves.

Insincere: the opposite of sincere.

Inward-looking: introverted people.

Jealous: people who think that someone loves another person more than them, or want what other people have.

Lazy: the opposite of hard-working.

Loyal: people who support their friends.

Manipulative: people who are good at influencing other people to do what they want.

Mean: the opossite of generous.

Moody: people who are happy one minute and sad the next.

Nosy: inquisitive people.

Obstinate: stubborn people.

Open-minded: people who are prepared to accept new and different ideas.

Optimistic: people who expect good things to happen.

Possessive: people who are not very good at letting other people share their friends.

Quarrelsome: argumentative people.

Relaxed: not tense people.

Reliable: people you can trust or depend on.

Reserved: people who are not very good at showing their feelings or expressing their opinions.

Self-confident: people who feel sure about their ability to do things.

Selfish: people who think about themselves and not about other people.

Sensible: people who have common sense and are practical.

Sensitive: people who understand other people´s feelings or are easily hurt or offended.

Sincere: people who mean what they say.

Smart: intelligent people.

Sociable: people who are friendly and enjoy being with other people.

Spoilt: children who behave in a bad way because they are given everything they want.

Stubborn: people who never change their opinion when they´re clearly wrong.

Talkative: the opposite of quite.

Trustworthy: reliable people.

Vain: people who always look at themselves in every mirror they pass.

Well-balanced: people who are emotionally in control, not moody.

Wise: people who are good at giving people advice because of their knowledge and experience.


He has a heart of gold. –> He´s a wonderful kind person.

He´s as hard as nails. –> He´s very stubborn and is not easily moved by anything.

He´s a fast mover. –> He always does everything in super-quick time.

She´s a bit of a slow-coach. –> She always takes ages to do everything.

She´s very middle-of-the-road. –> She´s rather moderate in her views and behaviour.

She´s a bit of an odd-ball. –> She´s rather eccentric.

He´s a bit over the top. –>He´s very exaggerated in his behaviour.

He´s rather a cold fish. –> He´s very formal and a bit unfriendly.

He´s such a pain in the neck. –> She makes people angry or annoy.

She gets on everyone´s nerves. –> She makes people angry or annoy.

He´s round the bend. –> He´s crazy/mad.

She was always top of the class. –> She was very intelligent.

He´s such a know-all. –>He always has the right answer or thinks he does.

She´s a bit of a lazy-bones. –> She´s lazy.

She´s the teacher´s pet. –> She´s a student who tries to curry a teacher’s favor in hopes of a better grade.

She´s a big-head. –> She thinks she´s wonderful. Vain, arrogant.

She was quick off the mark and got the first. –> She reacted quickly and benefited from it.

She was a bit slow off the mark and arrive late. –>She was not quick enough.


…and that´s all!

Now, can you describe your partner´s personality? Why do you love him/her? Think about that… Happy Wednesday!