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To begin with, imagine you are doing a speaking exam and you have to describe the people in a photograph. What kind of vocabulary can you use? Pay attention to this post!

First of all, if you want to speak about physical appearance, you have to answer the following questions:

What does she/he look like? What do they look like? 

Secondly, here you have a long list of adjectives and nouns to describe people:

– Bald (calvo)
– Long / short / shoulder-lenght hair (pelo largo / corto / a la altura de los hombros)
– Curly / wavy / straight hair (pelo rizado / ondulado / lacio)
– Fair / blonde hair (pelo rubio)
– Dark hair (pelo negro), dark-haired (moreno)
– Brown hair (pelo castaño)
– Grey hair (pelo gris), grey-haired (canoso)
– Red hair (pelo rojo) / Ginger (pelirrojo, más coloquial)
– Fringe (flequillo)
– Moustache (bigote)
– Beard (barba)
– Crew cut (al rape, rapado), ponytail (coleta de caballo), braids (trenzas)

– Dark-skinned (de piel oscura)
– Fair-skinned (de piel clara)
– Freckles (pecas)
– Wrinkles (arrugas)

– Chubby face (cara regordeta)
– Thin face (cara estrecha, fina)
– Blue / Brown / Green /Grey eyes (ojos azules, marrones, verdes, grises)
– Turned-up nose (nariz respingona)
– Full / thin lips (labios carnosos o finos)
– Bushy eyebrows (cejas tupidas)

– Obese / extremely fat (obeso)
– Slim / thin / skinny (esbelto / delgado / flaco)
– Overweight (con sobrepeso)
– Well-built (corpulento)
– Tall (alto)
– Short (bajo)
– Medium-height (de mediana estatura)

-Handsome (guapo, normalmente para chicos)
-Beautiful (guapo/a)
-Good-looking (bien parecido/a)
-Pretty (precioso/a)
-Ugly (feo/a)
-Plain (del montón, poco agraciado/a)

* IDIOMS (Frases hechas, lenguaje coloquial)
– As pretty as a picture (precioso/a)
– To have a five o´clock shadow (tener una sombra de barba)
– To have a face that would stop a clock (tener una cara poco agraciada)


Finally, here you have some examples:


In the first photo I can see a young man. He has red hair and a little moustache. His eyes are dark blue and he has a lot of freckles on his cheeks and on his forehead. His face is thin, with full lips and bushy eyebrows. I can´t see his body, but he seems to be tall and slim. To sum up, I think he is handsome, but not as pretty as a picture!

In the second photo I can see a young woman. She has curly pink hair. Her eyes are dark and enormous and she has full lips. Although I can´t see her body, I think she is slim and medium-height. She is a very good-looking girl.


And that is all for now. We are going to talk about clothes and personality very soon! Stay attentive!


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